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Forum Meeting December 18th

The monthly Area Forum will be held next Wednesday evening 18th Dec at the Scout/Guide Museum in Belleville at 7:15 pm. All adult members welcome.

Algonquinte Highlights for May 2013

Finance - we are in the black. Camp report - all the annual inspections have been done and passed. Group committee reports - Warren is waiting for your group’s report on its activities this past year. It should be about ½ a page. Registration - no real change in numbers. Code of Conduct renewal is required annually. It is popping up now when you log in to myscouts.ca. Please make sure your leaders get logged in and update their CoC now, and then get them registered – let’s not wait to Sept.

Algonquinte Highlights for April 2013

Algonquinte Highlights for April 2013

Registration sits at 263 - 84 volunteers and 179 participants.

Pending registrants - currently we have 26 pending, please look at your group and determine if and why your group have any.

Spring registration - group registrars should have their group fees updated before starting spring reg. Ladka and Everett sent out emails to the registrars with the details.

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